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Melodies between Afghanistan, India and Japan


Traditional Recital 

  • North India/Hindustani Music 

Sitar recital: Based on the richness of the melodic and rhythmic structures on Raga-s and Tala-s, the hindustani Sitar recital brings the meditative quality and the depth through the Dhrupad and Khyal genres, as well as a lyricism of semi-classical genre in Thumri, and folk tunes of "Dhun" to be enjoyed. Duet with a percussion, Tabla. Possibility to add another musician for a Trio set. 

concert annecy philippe tampura



Afghan Rubâb with his deep and haunting sound will captivate the audience. Interprets the repertoire of classical (related to the Hindustani Raga music) and traditional folk music of Afghanistan which traces the influences from India to Central Asia. Accompanied by a percussion.





  • "JAPANISTAN" Melodies between Afghanistan and Japan

Arrangements of Japanese melodies on the Rubâb, sometimes joined by Afghan tunes and joyfully swinging on Afghan rhythms, as well as some original compositions based on Japanese styles performed on Trio with Kengo Saito (Rubab), Suizan Lagrost (Shakuhachi Flute), Ershad Tehrani (Tombak, Daff). Possible to have guest Musicians and Dancers on the request.  CD "Japanistan" - label Lokanga/Quart de lune.  Album Press review > Dossier de Presse

capture decran live japanistan trio    japanistan et no




  • NATTAGH/SAITO/POIREE - Rhythms of the World, Melodies of the Heart

Original melodies/compositions with atypical traditional rhythms with Handpan (Jeremy Nattagh), Rubab&Sitar (Kengo Saito) and Percussions (John Poirée). Creating astonishingly hypnotical sounds with touching emotions which goes beyond the identity and barriers of conventional musical genres. With a possibility of a special guest on Overtone singings and jaw's harp (Jérôme Flammant). 

nattaghsaitopoiree trio

  • NAWAZESH Caress of the Soul by the Music - 

Two sacred instruments; the Santoor and the Rubab meet each other to create a unique soundscape to interpret the Hindustani and Afghan Raga music and Folk and Sufi pieces. Accompanied by a Tabla percussion. Possiblity to have a guest singer or musician. 

Sandip Chatterjee (santoor), Kengo Saito (rubab)

nawazesh trio kolata weavers


This Ensemble plays the original compositions with influences from India, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey. Navigating between the written melodies and improvisations in the style of Modal music traditions where poetic sensibilities, virtuosity, Rich rhythmic elements come together. 

Kengo Saito (rubab, sitar), Antoine Morineau (zarb, daff), Guillaume Barraud (bansuri flute), Prabhu Edouard (tablas). Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (exists demo CD "Layakar" duo version 2006).




Interprets the Afghan music popularized or composed by the Sultan of the Rubab, Ustad Mohammad Omar (1905? - 1980), and traditional Afghan classic or folk pieces in the style of Ud. Md. Omar with different arrangements. 

Daud Khan Sadozai (rubab, sarod), Kengo Saito (rubab, sitar), Efren Lopez (rubab, tambur afghan, oud), Yama Karim (tablas)

Concert guimet taille reduite 3


  • ANASSA ENSEMBLE by Xanthoula Dakovanou

Neo-traditional Greec music with Indo-oriental colours. Xanthoula Dakovanou (vocal, composition) avec Ourania Lampropoulou (santour), Guillaume Barraud (flûtes), Kengo Saito (rubab, sitar), et Antoine Morineau (percussions). CD "La dame et la barque" 2015.


  • MAHATALA (world Jazz)

En reconstruction...




Sakura variations/Seasons of Asia - spéctacle Danse & Musique (Creation, en cours)Original Dance and Music from Japanese inspiration and other Asian elements.

 Msasako Ono (Choregraphy and Dance), Kengo Saito (Compositions, Arrangements, Rubab) + guest musiciens